Golden Good Government League works to ensure high-quality government in Golden.  We are not affiliated with any political party.

We actively seek out qualified candidates for City Council positions, encourage them to run for office, and provide our support.

We study the issues facing local government and issue position papers, outlining our recommendations for the best interest of the community.

2013 City Council Ward Election Endorsements

Golden Voters need to be aware that mail ballots for the very important upcoming CITY COUNCIL WARD ELECTIONS will be mailed to every voter in Golden in mid-October. Golden has weathered the recent financial downturn in excellent shape thanks to good management and Council decisions.

This election is critical and the Golden Good Government League (GGGL) Board of Directors is pleased to see that so many fine Golden citizens have come forward to run for office. The GGGL board has interviewed each candidate and, to insure the most capable City Council, endorses the following:

Ward 1 - Marcia Claxton has the experience after 4 years on council to represent ALL citizens of the ward by working cooperatively with other councilors.

Ward 2 - After his years as an effective City Councilor, Joe Behm has the knowledge and experience to guide the city on critical issues and to represent his ward.

Ward 3- Pamela Gould is enthusiastic, approachable, open-minded and ready to listen and get fully involved. The city needs her new voice and energy on Council. She is also currently on the GURA board.

Ward 4- We have interviewed both candidates and after much discussion we endorse Laura Weinberg. She has a positive attitude, is well organized and has served on the Parks and Recreation Board for several years so understands the basic mechanics of how the city operates.

Remember to vote!

GGGL is a registered Golden Political Committee dedicated to supporting good government.


Golden Good Government League Supports the Creation of a Downtown Development Authority

In early 2014 the Golden Urban Renewal Authority will "sunset" by law. GURA has done a lot over the past 25 years helping to re-vitalize the downtown area and create an energetic and healthy business community. During this election period in November, voters in the downtown area and immediate surrounding neighborhoods will have an opportunity to vote on creating a replacement entity to be named the Downtown Development Authority (DDA). This DDA would continue with selected programs to keep downtown Golden and those surrounding neighborhoods healthy and vibrant.

Funding for the DDA will come from tax increments to be paid by residents and businesses in the area covered by the proposed DDA. Only those residents and business owners within the boundary of the DDA are eligible to vote on this issue. Those who are eligible will be asked to vote on four questions. Each question on financing provides the DDA with a means of funding. The amount and type of funding approved by voters will determine the level of expenditures that the DDA can make for improvements.

There is some concern about how funds may be used and the types of projects to be supported if the DDA and some, or all, of the financing mechanisms are voted into existence. We would like to point out that the DDA will have a Board of Directors, separate from City Council that will publicize proposals, furnish information, and make decisions following public meetings. To ensure that citizens of the affected area have input, we encourage participation through the open meetings and discussions when expenditures and major projects are considered.

The Golden Good Government League (GGGL) supports creating the DDA and approving each financing question. We believe the DDA will produce a return on investment worthy of its creation.

The Board of GGGL

GGGL is a registered Golden Political Committee dedicated to supporting good government.


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